Former NIS secret agent: “The Greek Minister of State is a thief and I have information” – interview by Mr. Seretis Grigoris on Focus FM 103.6

“All Greeks have been victims of theft. In fact, those who robbed them, they have made them ministers of state” argued on Focus FM 103.6 and on the podcast “Against the System” with Grigoris Seretis the former NIS agent and wanted in our country, Emmanouil Hatzisavvas.

The shocking complaint came to light a few days after Mr. Hatzisavvas first appearance on Focus FM 103.6 in early November.

“I will refer to the example of Mr. Stavros Papastavros, who is the Minister of State in Greece today,” emphasized the former NIS agent. “This particular gentleman is in Panama in an offshore company. I have information in my hands, which I exchanged with Panamanian agents. We are talking about a common mafia that rules our country, after having robbed it. I want to report to you that we make thieves Ministers of State in Greece. And I call him a thief. Let him sue me… if he can”

Mr. Hatzisavvas said that he has shared the supporting documents he has with the Greek authorities, but, as he said, no one has taken any action, nor has the information contained in them been used. He also added that some people from NIS chose to sell these documents, but as he stressed, he is not one of them.

“I am talking to you about the Greek Minister of State, Mr. Stavros Papastavrou, who is in Panama in an offshore company together with bankers from Goldman Sachs and HSBC, specifically Konstantinos Lanaras, who is based in Geneva and Mr. Emmanuel Gavaudan from Goldman Sachs, who is based in London. These gentlemen gave Swap and loans to our country and with Mr. Stavros Papastavrou, they are in Panama and distributing the commissions. Billions of euros in Swap deals. No Prosecutor wants to listen to me, they pretend I don’t exist, they hide. The goal is to put me in jail or find someone crazy to shoot me.”

The former NIS agent argued that the appointment of Stavros Papastavros as Minister of State was made because he holds everyone in his hand and can demand whatever he wants. As he pointed out, no one can touch him, because he did not “eat” the supplies of tens of millions of euros by himself, they were shared, all the politicians took their share, with the result that Papastavrou holds “hidden papers” in his hands, controls and blackmails anyone who needs it.

It is important to note that Focus FM 103.6 does not align with or subscribe to Mr. Hatzisavvas complaints, as at the time of writing, it does not have the information referred to by the former NIS agent, who carries the full responsibility of his claims.

“If there were prosecutors and judges, who would be free to enforce the law, people like Papastavrou would not exist in Greece. The country is ruled by politicians, whose interests are somehow intertwined, their responsibilities are intertwined, and one covers the other. These facts that I am telling you are known to the secret service, are known to the prosecuting authorities in Greece”.

Mr. Hatzisavvas also repeated what he had claimed in his recent interview with Focus FM 103.6, regarding Panos Kammenos and the relationship he had with him.

“He was just very annoyed that I brought up and leaked the story to the public with the supply of weapons in Saudi Arabia and his attempt to take commissions from the arm deal, and because he was exposed he came out and said various rubbish. If I were, as he called me, an agent of the Turks, I would not be involved now, neither with you, nor with Papastavrou, nor with anyone, I would sit in my home in comfort and have a good time. I’m not having a good time, today I’m a waiter for to have a life. So everyone should put these aside and whoever wants to, should treat me properly within the rule of law,” he said.

“I am very saddened by my country. I have left behind a lot of bitterness. Everyone is looking for me, but not to let them know that there is illegality, they are looking for me to disappear. That’s why I’m in Denmark and I have to inform the authorities here as well” Mr. Hatzisavvas will say closing the discussion.