Unreliable, corrupt and full of criminals, traitors, dishonorable politicians constitute the body of the Greek government throughout time.

They cheated and betrayed him instead of honoring him for his service as a national spy operating in Turkey.

Indicatively some of the proofs here.

Top secret communications and exchange of files encrypted with a variable key and split .pgp through a special channel of the EYP between the Greek Army Officer Mr. Anastasios (Tasos) Kellaris, Commander of the National Intelligence Service – NIS of the Rhodes Echelon, acting operator of the secret agent of the NIS Emmanouil ATH. Hatzisavvas from Agios Isidoros Rhodes.


The secret agent of the NIS Emmanouil ATH. Hatzisavvas throughout his recruitment and action was an internationally wanted person as he is today.

The training of the secret agent of the NIS with action in Turkey, Mr. Emmanouil ATH. Hatzisavvas was carried out in Greece by staff of the NIS, Athens and Rhodes, even though at the same time as a wanted person, the Greek Ministry of Justice was asking the authorities of the Kingdom of Denmark for his extradition.

The Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court are criminally liable because despite knowing scandalously they hide the crimes that “touch” the Prime Minister of Greece.