700,000 Euros bribery the “cost” for the purchase of a Greek Member of Parliament vote in the Greek Parliament.

In Greece they bribe the parliamentarians, they “buy” their votes with black money, hefty deals in order to achieve the election of a specific President of the Republic.

Here are the documents from the transaction proposal, the bribe of the Greek Member of Parliament Mr. Pavlos Haikalis by a businessman and bank executive, Mr. Giorgos Apostolopoulos and the depositions at the Prosecutor’s Office of Greece.

γιώργος Αποστολόπουλος δικηγορος Σαρακης Χρηματισμός 700Κ Χαικαλη υπόθεση_w

The Case of the obscene attempt to bribe a Greek Member of Parliament is recorded on camera (audiovisual file),

nevertheless, the illegality was silently forgotten in a “dirty” drawer of a Greek Prosecutor.

It is questionable the interpretation of the law in Greece, and how such a member of the EU it still has a place in Europe’s culture, democracy and human rights, European values world.

The deputy prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Emm. Rasidakis, filed the indictment of Greek MP Mr. Pavlos Haikalis against two prosecutors for his allegations of attempted bribery. Mr. Rasidakis is said to have deemed the former minister’s complaint unfounded.

It is recalled that Mr. Haikalis had appealed to the Court of Justice, accusing the two public prosecutors who handled the case of the complaints he had made about an attempt to finance him (as a deputy, then, of AN. ELL.), for abuse of power, in view of the presidential election election.

More specifically, Mr. Haikalis had turned against the head of the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office, Isidoros Dogiakos, and the vice-prosecutor of the Appeals, P. Panagiotopoulos, who conducted the investigation.

In his petition, the Member of Parliament Mr. Haikalis claimed that his complaints about an attempt to finance him by G. Apostolopoulos were not investigated in depth due to the manipulations of the two prosecutors. As a result – as he mentioned – the case will be put on file and the prosecutors will fall under the crime of abuse of power.

It is recalled that Greek MP Mr. Haikalis claimed that in December 2014 Mr. Apostolopoulos offered him 700,000 euros in cash, settlement of his bank loan and various other financial facilities, totaling ca. 3 million euros, THE CRIME WAS RECORDED, all this in order to vote specifically in view of election of the President of the Republic.

Dec 2014

The facts are revealed, as the audio document from the conversation between Giorgos Apostolopoulos and Pavlos Haikalis comes to light, where there are clear references to the 700,000 euros, but also the election of the President of the Republic.

In the audio document, the conversation between Apostolopoulos and Haikali can be heard, while there is a clear reference to the 700,000 euros.

“I’m telling you flat out because otherwise we’re going to hell… I literally have the money now… The easiest stuff. Six or seven now. I will check them one by one (perhaps they are “hit” by criminal activity and I will give them to you immediately” Apostolopoulos can be heard saying.

After the conversation,

Apostolopoulos hints that he will “distribute” to other MPs as well. “There are others. It’s not just you…. It’s no joke… It’s real. But I have to check them because since the abduction of Panagopoulos, there have been a lot of “hacked” numbers circulating…”.

Further down he explains to him how he will “launder” them through a bank account in Switzerland and after placing them in gold bars. “When the fuss is over in February we’ll make them gold. A little – a little. Ten – ten, twenty – twenty. Slowly. I’m sure everything will be fine. Improve your life a little too”.

In fact, Giorgos Apostolopoulos insists that the transaction must be done immediately: “If we don’t do it directly, you won’t vote.”

Haikalis counters: “Tomorrow morning?”. “Tomorrow morning not . It will take at least a day… I will bring you here for safety reasons. I bring you and rest on your feet” Apostolopoulos tells him.

The new meeting between the two was arranged to take place after the exchange of relevant messages on mobile phones. “I will send you a message,” says Apostolopoulos. “Passwords, write me chick” replies Haikalis. “No, chick, I’m not writing you,” says Apostolopoulos again.

Part of the dialogues in detail:

“I expect you to tell me.

– I’ll tell you, my child.

– Yes, I hear you.

-Whenever you tell me we’re ready, I’ll bring you a bag with 6 hundreds. I bring it now, no problem, just tell me, at noon, I have no problem.

(Haikalis tries to interrupt him)

To finish; (continues)

-I expect you to tell me.

-You go and vote for your loan from here on out, from January, February when the… ten fifteen twenty years have passed… what do you think;

– And how will I be protected, dude?

– The contract with the advertising company, from here on we don’t say anything more, I tell you straight and square why we can become hell. We pay for the advertising, we won’t have a problem

– I’m just saying that after the removal of the fund there is no such issue.

-How will I be insured?

– I can’t do anything more. I’m giving you the loan now but it’s going to be a whore, believe me.

– I’ll go back as long as you want. how many years do you want Until you die? I go further. I can’t do anything else. I’m literally giving you the money right now.

– To know,

– I can bring you 6 or 7 at most now. I would tell you to get them now. what is my problem that I check them one by one I look you in the eyes. so that they are not hit. because if they are beaten and you give them anywhere you will have a fuss. out of nothing criminal actions that are the police the numbers, because it’s not just you it’s others too. it’s packages now, it’s not just you it’s others too. Understood? i did a damage last night on the ten bobbins found six fucking ones. They are not fakes. But they are numbered. From the kidnapping of Panagopoulos, there are specific numbers.

If I give you something like that and you get caught, it will be a disaster. I want you to be safe, secondly you won’t spoil the money for a while, thirdly when the fuss is over in February, we will turn it into gold little by little. Little by little, ten ten, twenty twenty, we will turn them into gold and whatever else you want. And then out. but the two of us together.

So you go…..you open an account and then we send them out.

-In gold ?

-no, gold bars.

-That’s what I mean, baby, gold bars.

– But slowly

– 6-7 is fine

-Are well

-It’s bullshit but -It’s good