Elections in Greece, a member state of the European Union.

The National elections – June 2023 were held and ended with unreliable electoral data, which confirms once again the depth of corruption in the country and how dangerous a criminal organization has developed in a European country such Greece that happens to be a member of the European Union.

Otherwise, the Greek Government must answer us: How does the fixed number of registered voters change during the counting of election results?

FYI: Electoral registered number [ Registered number of voters in the Electoral Registry, after registration completed the number remains unchanged during counting of votes in order the result to be accurate.]

OBS: The counting of the election results in Greece was undertaken by the company Singular Logic of the Space Hellas Group of companies.



Is a Greek company Space Hellas, owner of Singular Logic, has been involved in a corruption case, bribery of the Greek Government, for the acquisition of the Equipment Program Contract with the Hellenic Air Force. According to the American Ministry of Justice, this is about a contract for the supply of the ASPIS self-protection system for the F-16 fighter jets, of the American company Litton, which was represented in Greece by Dimitris Manolopoulos with his company Space Hellas. The Agreement was signed in February 1993, when the Prime Minister of Greece was Konstantinos Mitsotakis and the Minister of Defense was Ioannis Varvitsiotis.

Mr. Kyriakos Gkikas a friend from England in one of his attempts to wake up the Greeks analyzes:

I believe that the “registered” voters are not a “variable”. They represent a fixed number … (e.g., X= 9,813,595, if this is indeed the true number that they are presenting to us) … And with these registered voters, we supposedly went to the May and June elections… The elections were conducted based on the electoral rolls, as they were formed with the first revision of 2023. On the website of the Ministry of Interior (https://www.ypes.gr/ekloges/eklogikoi-katalogoi-kai-eklogiko-soma/eklogikoi-katalogoi-ellhnwn-politwn/dynami-eklogikou-somatos-2023?fbclid=IwAR2tN6hT5hQYhlthbAmpnMD7-SCFB1fjjLOFnMRRcIPChVgJplZzGLyIkM4 ), where information about the strength of the electoral body of 2023 is available, 9,813,595 voters registered in the municipal registers and having the right to vote [(over 17 years old) article 4 and 8 of p.d.26/2012, as applicable], according to the first revision of the year 2023 (1-1-2023 until 28-2-2023), which is the final number of registered voters for the Parliamentary Elections of 21.05.2023.

Strangely enough, I noticed from the page of the Ministry, which page is automatically updated by Singular Logic. Both in the electoral results of the May elections during the incorporation of the electoral results (http://ekloges-prev.singularlogic.eu/2023/may/v/home/parties/ ), and for the June elections (https://ekloges.ypes.gr/current/v/home/parties/ ). A variation in the number of registered voters, both in the May and June elections that is not justified. Until we reach 100% of the count and have the desired number of 9,813,595. But why? This number should have been 9,813,595 from the start, whether the count had not started, or it was at 10%, 40%, 99%, or even 100% of the incorporation of the polling centers.




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