The Greek Secret Service is also accused of attempted espionage against citizens of the Kingdom of Denmark.

The absolute anti-democratic decline of the Greek Governments of Kyriakos Mitsotakis – New Democracy, Tsipras and Kammenos – Syriza/AN.EL. and of PASOK, by violating the Constitution, basic rights and democratic rules, brings Greece outside the democratic framework of European countries.

It is a real shame in 2023, a European country, through its National Intelligence Service (NIS), Greek Secret Service, with the assistance of prosecutorial officers such as the supervising Prosecutor of Appeals in the case of the NIS, illegally and unconstitutionally, in surveillance, dossier, recording of the personal data, the action, the ideological identity of journalists, lawyers, public officials, ordinary citizens both in Greece and abroad.

Like the case below.

The National Intelligence Service of Greece (NIS) abusively and illegally asked the former secret agent Manolis Hatzisavvas to investigate by spying on the territory of the Kingdom of Denmark a Danish Citizen who for security reasons we present with his initials [ J. A.] for his involvement in a top-secret case being investigated by the Anti-Terrorist Unit of the Police and Secret Services in Greece and concerning the terrorist group “Revolutionary Struggle”.

The f. secret agent Manolis Hatzisavvas, although he refused to take any illegal action in Denmark, where he was at time regardless this NIS sent him confidential material through a special communication channel after consultations with a liaison secret agent of the Anti-Terrorism Department.

f. secret agent Manolis Hatzisavvas then urged NIS officials to cooperate with the anti-terrorist Police of the Danish Police, but the response he received was that they did not trust the Danish Police, hence the dispatch of a classified material escort of a special nature secret information to Manolis Hatzisavva in 2017 with the actual details of the person depicted in the Greek ID which for security reasons we present with his initials [ J. A. ] in the mentioned ID AZ 601679 (Greek Identity Card number)








JA danish citizen on Greek Identity Card_watermark


The terrorist group Revolutionary Struggle is a Greek anarchist, anti-imperialist, urban guerrilla group known for its attacks on Greek government buildings and the American Embassy in Athens, and has been designated a terrorist group by the European Union, Greek and United States Authorities.


As a result of a raid carried out by the Anti-Terrorist Police Unit of Athens in Jan. 2017 on the hideout (safe house) of a terrorist in Athens, a lot of information was revealed, one of them was found to be related to a citizen of the Kingdom of Denmark.

During the raid by the police together with an arrested wanted terrorist named Panagiota (Pola) Roupa, documents and weapons were found among them and the Greek Identity Card (Greek Identity Card) with Greek details and a photo of a citizen of the Kingdom of of Denmark with the initials [ J. A.]

The arrest of Pola Roupa took place in the early hours of Thursday, January 5, 2017 in an apartment at no. 14 Zaimi Street in Ilioupoli, Athens.

She was wanted for almost 2 years, after the episodic arrest of her partner Nikos Maziotis, the 48-year-old “city rebel” lived two parallel lives. On the one hand she was raising her son, who was 6 years old at the time, while on the other hand she continued her activities, with leading actions the robbery of a bank branch at the “Sotiria” hospital and the failed escape plan of Nikos Maziotis from Korydallos prisons.

The Greek Police had issued a 1.000.000 Euro bounty on her and she was wanted for participation in terrorist organizations.

In the apartment of Ilioupoli, handwritten notes, fake and genuine IDs, mobile phones, sim cards, weapons, etc. equipment were found also in other addresses in Athens, were ammunition, explosives, stolen cars and many other elements were found, together with the arrest of her collaborator a young female.