The Commander of the Greek National Intelligence Service betrayed a Greek spy to the Turks.

The betrayal of the Greek secret Agent of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) to the Turks by Yiannis Roubatis, former Commander took place with exchanges.

This is the only way to justify the great wealth of Yiannis Roubatis today, who from an unknown journalist, became the commander of the secret services of Greece which resulted in the smuggling of state secrets, so today our Roubatis has emerged as a big businessman and executive of Arab-pro-Turkish interests with intense activity in Greek territory.

The national damage caused by Yiannis Roubatis to the espionage network in Turkey created by the Greek spy Emmanouil Ath. Hatzisavvas from Agios Isidoros Rhodes, is unprecedented.

Here is a characteristic fact that shows the enormous size of both the espionage penetration of the spy Emmanouil Ath. Hatzisavvas and the national damage caused by Yiannis Roubatis as commander of the National Intelligence Service.