Dismantling trafficking circuits of illegal immigrants, terrorists. Case Mouzenidis Tours

The Commander of the Greek National Intelligence Service (NIS) Yiannis Roubatis hid the truth, he never honored as he should nor recognizing the work of the former secret agent of the National Intelligence Service (EYP) Manolis Hatzisavvas, obviously because his interest was different, he aimed at the exploitation of the black funds of the state with the work that the f. secrete agent producing.

The former secret agent of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) Manolis Hatzisavvas that based in Turkey at the time, provided a great work in dismantling the smuggling circuits of illegal immigrants and terrorists which resulted in the arrest of persons and the confiscation of vessels and other means used to operate the circuits for the interests of large Greek traffickers-businessmen as the case of Mouzenidis Tours

Unfortunately, there were Prosecutors in Rhodes town, Greece who were either blackmailed or bribed, resulting in the release of those arrested.

Many of those arrested and released on a prosecutor’s order were re-arrested for trafficking.

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