Prosecutor Dogiakos to wanted person Hatzisavvas, in order to be justified, you hid part of your case by separating the Wind Park of Rhodes SA from your recruiting at the Secret Service – NIS despite being a wanted person.


Between Internationally wanted Greek Mr. Emmanouil Ath. Hatzisavvas

and the Head of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Greek Supreme Court

Prosecutor Mr. Isidoros Dogiakos.

The prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Isidoros Dogiakos, asks Emmanouil Ath. Hatzisavvas -whom they have wanted- in order to give him justice, to testify in such a way as to favor the criminally responsible Greek politicians.

The head Prosecutor of the Supreme Court Mr. Isidoros Dogiakos requests from the internationally wanted Emmanuel Ath. Hatzisavvas to separate the scandalous case of WIND PARK OF RHODOS S.A. f for which they implicated him straw men of the minister’s brother Giorgos Zavvos, Stelios Zavvos, with that of his recruitment to the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and his espionage activity in Turkey, even though, when it was decided, Emmanuel Ath. Hatzisavvas was at the same time a wanted person.

The recruitment of the Mr. Emmanuel Ath. Hatzisavvas to the NIS was politically decided at the highest level while at the same time he was an internationally wanted person by the Dodecanese Appeals Court Prosecutor’s Office.

As a result of this decision – and as the Chief Prosecutor of the Supreme Court Mr. Isidoros Dogiakos knows better than anyone – everyone involved in this case is criminally accountable, from the responsible Prime Minister who supervises the National Intelligence Service (NIS), the involved Ministers, and the Commanders of the NIS, to the supervising Prosecutors for the legitimacy of the NIS.

The head of the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office, Prosecutor Isidoros Dogiakos – who knows about the criminal responsibilities occurred better than anyone – is trying to convince the internationally wanted Greek and former NIS agent Mr. Emmanuel Ath. Hatzisavvas to do them a favor and not implicate in one case the two aspects of his case under criminal investigation at a European level, to avoid the trivialization of the institution of Justice and the dragging of Greece as a designated corrupt govern country despite being a member of the European Union.