Great espionage successes of the Greek National Intelligence Service-NIS

One of the great successes of the Greek National Intelligence Service-NIS was the network in Turkey that was built and well established by the NIS agent Emmanouil A. Hatzisavvas, resulting in many actions. One of those was the seizure of the data of the Turkish Ministry of Interior at an unsuspected time while operating in Turkey, with the result that the NIS knows all the details of Turkish citizens in real time.

These data became the basis for searching for information about Turkish criminals, officials of the Turkish Armed Forces, MIT agents, people of Muhammed Fethullah Gülen – Gulenists, etc.

Thus, the NIS could know the identity data of even the Turkish General HULUSI AKAR, Commander of the 29th Turkish army and current Minister of Defense.

The commander of the NIS Giannis Roubatis, for true reasons unknown until today, decided and dismantled the network of Greek agents in Turkey and officially argued and stopped the action of secret agent Emmanouil A. Hatzisavvas, fearing that the important results of espionage he was delivering could harm the NATO relations of Greece and Turkey, because bilateral relationship had advanced to a large extent, to resolve disputes, along with the joint exploitation of the Aegean Sea.