ABB guarantees… decisions of the Greek authorities

ABB guarantees… decisions of the Greek authorities

The German company ABB feels such confidence that it guarantees to third parties even for the result of the decisions of the Greek Authorities.

That’s why Judges and Prosecutors in Greece do not file a Pothen Esches statement despite being very rich, while Greek politicians pass laws that exonerate them from their criminal acts, while for every bribe they are accountable for a simple Sin.

After signing of this agreement Greentech for the period of the pledging and after transfer of the shares will not be responsible for any acts or omissions of WPR or its bodies. ABB shall discharge and hold harmless Greentech from all liabilities be it under private or public law which might follow from the fact, that Greentech during the period of pledging of the shares remains shareholder of WPR, except any negligent or intentional act or omission of Greentech. Especially ABB hereby, irrevocably and unreservedly guarantees that it shall hold Greentech harmless from any consequences which the acts or omissions of WPR or ABB may have for decisions of the relevant Greek authorities in connection with the project.

Which company is ABB that guarantees the result of the Greek Authorities, Courts, etc?

ABB has caused many law enforcement agencies around the world, such as the well-known FBI in America, to get serious involved on investigating ABB business practices.

FBI — ABB Ltd and Two Subsidiaries Resolve Foreign Corrupt Practices Act...

The reason is that they have bribed government officials in many countries and committed a number of frauds inclusive humanitarian UN programs.

It is a German company that has grown through forced labor – slavery; thousands of Jews from Germany, Poland and Ukraine used as slaves, acts for which he has been punished.

Slave Labor Class II Approvals_watermark

ABB is the same company chosen by Greek politicians for its participation in the implementation of the Project of millions of euros, where much of the E / M equipment was manufactured in Turkey.


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