Greece has turned into the Colombia of Europe

17 January 2024 – Strasburg MEP Mr. Emmanouil Fragos, on behalf of the ECR group.

Madam President, regarding the rule of law in Greece, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Greece has turned into the Colombia of Europe, not because we produce good coffee or cocoa, but because the Greek mafia is in command, going so far as to murder with Kalashnikov in the center of Athens.
Also, journalists who try to highlight this regime face they are victims of murderous attacks at worst and tax audits at best.
There is of course no polyphony in the mass media. The systemic media are controlled by businessmen who benefit and are benefited by the government and usually they just happen to also manage the biggest football teams.
On the other hand, the independent authorities that must control this background are not independent.
Characteristically, the ESR, while it is responsible for the pluralism in the media, does not do the slightest thing. All it does is to punish and fine those who criticize the government.
It should be noted that in the report of the specific independent authority, the Hellenic Solution seems to have zero presence in the long-range channels or otherwise in the channels of identification with the government. New Democracy, on the other hand, was overrepresented in a percentage that far exceeds its percentage and reaches 62% for the years 2020 and 2021.
Finally, polling companies also play a key role in the government’s propaganda business, they use scissors in their cooked surveys to percentages of parties that disturb.
It is funny, then, to talk about the existence of the rule of law in Greece.