Money laundering

The joint Statement of Assets No.: Δ1138-6035-0920-4104-1703-7 of the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his wife Grabovski “Mareva” Maria-Eva-Virginia is untrue.

NOTE: Failure to submit a declaration or an untrue declaration of ” justified wealth” is a criminal offense and may result in the seizure of the debtor’s assets based on the amendment of Law 3213/2003

The Case

The wife of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Mrs. Grabovski “Mareva”-Maria-Eva-Virginia, declares to the Special Service of the Audit Committee of the Hellenic Parliament, that she is a Shareholder with a participation rate of 83.33% in the Greek company MGPG INVESTMENT CONSULTING PRIVATE EQUITY COMPANY Number GEMI: 157578601000 with Distinctive Title MGPG INVESTMENT CONSULTING (Ref. 1. – See page 15)

MGPG INVESTMENT CONSULTING was incorporated on 18/12/2020, it is a Service Provider company, with a Share Capital of €15,000, having its registered office at 21 Plutarchou Street, P.O. 10672 Athens, Greece. Based on the published financial data of the MGPG INVESTMENT CONSULTING company to the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE), no participation in local or foreign subsidiary companies appears anywhere in its financial assets. (Ref. 2.)

In contrast, the official data of the French Authorities, the wife of the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis “Mareva” Maria-Eva-Virginia Grabovski, appears to be an Indirect Beneficiary of 83.33% of the shares and votes of the French company SCI PERSONAL VENTURES. (Ref. 3.)

NOTE: Beneficial owner is considered any natural person who actually owns or indirectly ultimately controls a business or other legal person or entity.

The company SCI PERSONAL VENTURES is French, based at the address 1 RUE DE BEAUNE 75007 PARIS was incorporated on 15/06/2006 and the share capital is €10,000.00. Its shareholders appear, the Greek company MGPG INVESTMENT CONSULTING is 99% and 1% owned by George “Geortzis” Papazisis. (Ref. 4.)

NOTE: George “Geortzis” Papazisis is the half-brother of the wife of Kyriakos Mitsotakis Prime Minister of Greece “Mareva” Maria-Eva-Virginia Grabovski

At the same address in France 1 RUE DE BEAUNE 75007 PARIS is also the undeclared property with code name “Voltaire” with the real owners being the Prime minister couple Kyriakos – Mareva Mitsotakis.

Based on all the above facts, the Prime Minister couple Kyriakos – Mareva Mitsotakis jointly submitted an untrue Declaration of Assets to the Hellenic Parliament, hid taxable material of particularly high value, presented false – fictitious tax data fraudulently and as a result of all these have laundered the proceeds of criminal activities. –

NΟΤΕ: These would be the charges against a mortal Greek citizen if the prosecuting authorities had similar evidence against him documenting his criminal acts. Criminal charges would lead to years of prosecution. Of course, this would only happen if they did not control and exercise authority over the Prosecutors and Judges.

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