Code name "Library"
ABB guarantees… decisions of the Greek authorities
Code name «Kleenex»
The Greeks paid the country's debt bill at least twice
Alexandros Georgiadis in the tax haven of Panama
Sioufas Greek lawyers’ family
ALLIANCE ONE INTERNATIONAL, INC. DIMON's subsidiary was forced to pay bribes to Tax Officers in Greece.
Bribery Case of tens of millions of dollars. German company DAIMLER AG bribing government officials, politicians in Greece
Comverse Technology paid bribes to OTE executives a telecommunications provider based in Athens, Greece, which at time is owned by the Hellenic Republic (the "Greek Government").
Chiquita Brands International, Inc. Paid bribes to Greek Tax Officers to avoid tax audit in 2004
American Totalisator Co., paid bribes in obtaining and retaining business with the Greek Horse Racing Administration.
Control Components Inc. paid bribes to obtain a contract with Greek state owned company PPC