In Panama with an offshore company Mr. Leonidas Georgiadis.

In a question to the Greek Minister of Health Mr. Adonis Georgiadis to inform us about what Mr. Leonidas Georgiadis is hiding in Panama, he ignored us, did not answer.

The Greek Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis has 2 brothers, Leonidas and Alexandros.

Both of these names are hidden in offshore companies in Panama and only the Greek Minister Adonis Georgiadis can give answers to what these Greek names are hiding in Panama in the offshore companies such as the following: Krinos Investments S.A. and ARKADESIGN2 S.A.

The management of proposes to abolish the legal obligation of Greek politicians to submit “whereabouts” asset declarations, instead Greek politicians should file a declaration in Panama, otherwise in the Seychelles, etc., tax havens, because ladies and gentleman Greek Politicians making fun of others won’t make you any better.

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