Money laundering in Rhodes, The Chamber of Dodecanese in the city of Rhodes, Greece, a member state of the European Union serves Money Laundering.

In Greece, a member state of the European Union, registrations and certifications are made with money transactions in non-existent banks, resulting in the facilitation of money laundering.

This is exactly what is happening at the Dodecanese Chamber of Commerce in Rhodes and the following case is not the only one.

On 16/11/2022 with the Prot. No.: 2801427 of the competent GEMI (General Commercial Registry number GR/EU) service of the Chamber of Dodecanese in Rhodes, details of bank transactions of tens of thousands of euros with a non-existent bank were registered!

Note: This is the most common process of legalizing such money, it is done by placing it in legal activities, such as depositing it in a bank and then withdrawing it to cover various needs, or directly buying shares both listed and not listed companies and many other legitimate activities. In the present case, a non-existent bank was used, with the result that the share capital of a Greek Limited Company in Rhodes Town was certified virtual-illegally, as in the case of JOSEPH SASSOON HELLAS S.A.

The exact same thing with much larger amounts, since we are talking about millions of euros, happened in the scandalous case of the company Wind Park of Rhodes S.A. with the involvement of ABB Ltd in Rhodes, Dodecanese Chamber, Greece, European Union, the prosecutors avoid cracking down on illegality because their interest is obviously different.

The registration of bank transactions of tens of thousands of euros with a non-existent bank was made by the officials responsible for the operation of the GEMI service in Rhodes who were supposed to check the legality of the transactions, where for their own reasons they failed to carry out the necessary legality check of the transactions, in cooperation with the Shareholders who were aware of the false declaration that was filed, resulting in the virtual certification of the share capital of the Company Named JOSEPH SASSOON HELLAS SA, with the number GEMI 166670620000 in a non-existent bank.

The Official Data and the non-existent Bank

On 11/16/2022, the certification of payment of initial capital was automatically registered in the General Commercial Register (G.E.MH.), with Registration Code 3292024, from 11/10/2022 Minutes of the Board of Directors of the Public Company.

The Consultant – Manager Mr. Stergos Kasekas, knowing the company’s obligation, as in a special meeting of the same certified the payment of the initial capital of the company as a whole, certifies that the coverage of the initial capital of Euro twenty-five thousand (25,000, €00), to the company’s bank account at SASSOON BANK, 71 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin, DO2 P593, Ireland in accordance with article 5 of its Articles of Association, which Articles of Association were registered in the General Commercial Register and took Number 166670620000.

The Consultant-Administrator, after taking cognizance of the company’s accounting books and the relevant entries, finds that the entire amount of the initial incorporation capital, a total of 25,000.00 EUROS, has actually been paid by contribution, as follows:


In particular, the shareholder Fotios Kasekas has paid the total amount of twenty-four thousand seven hundred and fifty Euros, (€24,750.00) in cash, exactly as analyzed in the paragraph above, to the Company’s bank account as follows:


71 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin DO2 P593, Ireland

IBAN: DE10050000170328428

Date 25/10/2022

Amount €24,750.00

The above amount of €24,750.00 is included in the deposit of €45,000.00 of the above day of which the difference of €20,250.00 (€45,000.00-€24,750.00) is reserved for a future capital increase by the same shareholder. In addition, the shareholder Stergos Kasekas has paid the total amount of two hundred and fifty Euros (€250.00) in cash, to the Company’s bank account, in the same bank as below:


71 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin DO2 P593, Ireland

IBAN: DE10050000170328428

Date 9/11/2022

Amount €250.00

After the aforementioned deposit of the initial capital, the share capital now amounts to twenty-five thousand Euros (€25,000.00) divided into two thousand five hundred (2,500) common registered shares with a nominal value of ten Euros (€10.00) each share.

NOTE: In their haste to implement the fictitious and illegal transactions, both the officials of the service in Rhodes and the shareholders, also recorded the wrong amount as a deposited amount in the non-existent bank SASOON BANK regarding the participation of the 2nd Shareholder and the wrong number of shares held by the two (brothers Fotis and Stergos Kasekas) shareholders of the company JOSEPH SASSOON HELLAS SA, with number GEMI 166670620000 in a non-existent bank.

The Official Document\

sos SASSOON BANK υποθεση fantomas Κωστα Β_watermark

SASOON BANK non-existent.

Certificate from the Central Bank of Ireland Financial Crime Unit

Central bank Irland financial crime re SASSON-2-8_watermark_page-0001

A reasonable question

The company JOSEPH SASSOON HELLAS S.A. belongs to the brothers Fotis and Stergos Kasekas, or they are “straw men” of the well-known Mr. SASOON with the close relationship in the circle of the Prime Minister couple Kyriakos and Mareva Mitsotakis?

Is this the reason for the Prosecutor’s inaction combating the crime of money laundering?