Financiers of the Greek political party New Democracy with offshore companies in tax havens.

Offshore company owners in the Channel Islands such as Ms. Despina Pantopoulou – Natsis wife of Tryphonos Natsis, people of Stelios Zavvos and George Soros are the financiers of New Democracy in accordance to data.


Follow the Money…

The Greek company which buys dozens of properties in the country under the name ORILINA PROPERTIES ANONYMOUS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT COMPANY has as its sole owner/shareholder the offshore company OPH INVESTMENTS LP based in Jersey (3rd Floor 37 Esplanade St Helier Jersey JE1 1AD Jersey),

The offshore company OPH INVESTMENTS LP in turn owns another offshore company OPH INVESTMENTS LIMITED with a similar seat in Jersey (3rd Floor 37 Esplanade St Helier Jersey JE1 1AD Jersey), and with its declared share capital being only 25,000 Euro.

The owner with the capital of 25,000 euros Offshore companies of Jersey OPH INVESTMENTS is also the sole owner of the Greek company ORILINA PROPERTIES and they have paid (according to their declaration) the amount of 105,000.00 Euros for share capital.


No one is asking to know how the owner of ORILINA PROPERTIES, the Offshore company OPH INVESTMENTS of 25,000 euros, finds and how he brings to Greece-E.U. the amount of 105,000,000 Euros from the tax haven of Jersey.

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From statements made by the ORILINA company in Greece, Mr. Tryfon Natsis and his wife, Mrs. Despina Pantopoulou – Natsis, are said to be the owners of the offshore companies that control the Greek company Orilina that they managed by

Mr. Stelios Zavvos, brother of the late Deputy Minister of Finance Giorgos Zavvos (he was a minister in the Mitsotakis government with the responsibility of supervising the financial system, i.e. the banks),

Mr. Alexandros Samaras, brother of the late Prime Minister Antonis Samaras,

Mrs Miranda Xafa, former executive of the International Monetary Fund (who was also a former associate of the late Prime Minister Konstantinos Mitsotakis and father of the current Prime Minister of Greece),

Mrs. Despina Pantopoulou, wife of Tryfonos Natsis (who, in addition to being a financier of New Democracy, is also a shareholder in an offshore company according to Orilina Panda’s statement),

Mr. Platonas Monokrousou, ex-executive of Eurobank etc.


Something smells…very bad.

The Brevan Howard Group, according to official data, owns only 1/one share of one euro of the 25,000 shares issued by the offshore company OPH INVESTMENTS LIMITED.

The offshore company OPH INVESTMENTS LIMITED, which owns 100% of OPH Investments LP according to the official data from Jersey, is also the sole owner of the Greek company Orilina.

Now how all the other above with the percentages of ownership of shareholders etc., namely for the 105,000,000 Euros that have come to Greece, remains to be told by the Financial Prosecutor of Greece.

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Understandably as can be, they showed only 80% of the shareholders of the Greek company Orilina.

The remaining 20%, i.e. +20,000,000 Euro capital and the profit of the investments is not revealed to public, and could theoretically be in the hands of the Prime Minister of Greece or his wife under the well-known nominee services method from directors to shareholders and even account holders. The Greek Minister of State Mr. Stavros Papastavrou is specialized in these kinds of methods.

Logically, no one will ever know this because the Greek company Orilina has not been audited, nor will it ever be audited with such a staff as it has.


What is legal is not necessarily ethical… the crime of insider trading is a criminal offence?

all of them above while they were in the government, the ministries, the international organizations and the banks knew before any of us what would happen in our country because apart from the first information, they also had the power of decision.

However, the crime of insider trading is a criminal offence, even though it has become a national sport in Greece, the European institutions must intervene and protect the Greek-European Citizens.

Politicians who participate in the “national sport” after their terms are richly rewarded in management positions of companies operating in Greece by a multitude of offshore companies, shadowy ownership entities without the slightest control, nor the slightest harassment from the prosecuting authorities of Greece, without shame none of them.