Prosecutors in Greece are terrorists, Judges-murderers of Greek citizens.

How else can one characterize their illegal decisions, the way they act as a Gang, all these Prosecutors of Greece, criminals of the common criminal code.

They are Terrorists, murderers of Greek citizens, that is the only way to characterize their criminal activity.

Because they circumvent the Constitution and the Laws of Greece, they have been dragged into a shameful criminal dereliction of duty by covering up criminals, they silenced many crimes committed against Greeks.

With the Laws and Constitution of Greece circumvented by these Terrorist Prosecutors in Greece and murderers of Greek citizens, they primarily circumvent the European rule of law, every action based on democratically approved treaties binding all EU member states, the European Convention on Human Rights and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union including the rule of law according to the Copenhagen criteria.

Here is a self-evident case, one of many in Greece.

The Prosecutor of the Dodecanese Appeals Giorgos Ktistakis, as he states in a confidential document of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Dodecanese signed by him dated 2016, while he was a witness to crimes, he kept silent about the crimes of a very serious criminal nature that were made known to him by the f. agent of the National Intelligence Service Manolis Hatzisavvas.

In simply words,

according to his statement, the Dodecanese Prosecutor Giorgos Ktistakis writes that from the profile of the f. agent of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) Manolis Hatzisavva on Facebook, he received information about crimes with a large number of documents, documents of telephone conversations and audio-visual material,

from his Statement and from his acts of those who did not act according to the law, it is proven that the Dodecanese Appeals Prosecutor George Ktistakis, instead of enforcing the law, moved persistently and with a plan to silence the crimes that the f. NIS agent Manolis Hatzisavvas reported to Panhellenic of Greek state.

SECRET PROSECUTOR KTISTAKIS 2016_page-0001_watermark


At the same time, it also caused the exclusion of the ex-agent of the EYP, Manolis Hatzisavvas, from the Greek social media and communications.

Along with various convictions as a result of procedural tricks of the Prosecutor Giorgos Ktistakis and notification of calls to Court addresses even in the “Moon”, as a result of which the former agent of the National Intelligence Service Manolis Hatzisavvas has a number of penalties against him.

The terrorist criminal-Prosecutor never deterred Manoli Hatzisavva that he never stopped exposing all these Terrorist Prosecutors in Greece, murderers of Greek citizens, corrupt Politicians etc., officials of the PASOK-SYRIZA-NEA DIMOKRATIA Governments, as a result of which today every Greek, European citizen he can learn the truth from here:

In the midst of all this, it is proven that Prosecutor Giorgos Ktistakis never forgot his Terrorist identity as a supporting satellite of the Revolutionary Organization 17 of November, a terrorist organization recognized by the American Government, CIA – The Revolutionary Organization 17 of November: .