Justice in Greece is not impartial, it is a Gang.

This is what the politicians of Greece say.

From Mr. Kostas Tzavaras, Minister and Member of Parliament of the ruling New Democracy party, who is also a respected jurist and practices law.

In a TV show he is asked by the Journalist

Journalist: You are saying, sorry, now you are raising a very serious issue, you are saying that we should accept that there is a problem with the independence of the Judiciary.

Kostas Tzavaras: (laughingly answered) you, that is, what do you think that the judiciary in Greece is impartial?

All the way to f. Prime Minister of Greece Mr. Antonis Samaras and current Member of Parliament of the ruling New Democracy party.

Who, in an interview he granted to a journalist for Justice, stated that the deputy minister and top prosecutors are a Gang:

Journalist: Two words about these shocking revelations by (Prosecutor) Angeli that demonstrate the magnitude of the whole situation.

Antonis Samaras: Look, from the first moment I said it was a gang, and those who didn’t believe it then, believe it today. This story needs to be cleaned thoroughly and to the end.

Both the Journalist and the former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras refer to the much-lauded Novartis case, the financing of the country’s politicians, and the action of the Deputy Minister of Justice Dimitris Papagelopoulos with the code name “Rasputin” and the Corruption Prosecutor Eleni Touloupaki and many other deputy prosecutors, prosecutors and judges in Greece accusing each other of criminal prosecution without evidence and of being a Gang.

NOTE: Greece is a member of the European Union, and all that is stated about the rule of law, Justice and Gangs consisting of Prosecutors and Deputy Ministers of Justice show that corruption in the country has no limit, and the country has no place in the European union with such “quality”.

About Who “Rasputin” Is

The Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court Mr. Angelis stated that the former Prosecutor of the Supreme Court Xeni Dimitriou had told him who he was and added that the role of “Rasputin” was known very well by the former Prosecutor of the Supreme Court Xeni Dimitriou, the former Minister of Justice Michalis Kalogirou and former Inspector Maria Papaspyrou. It is even alleged in his testimony that he referred to meetings he had with all three (Kalogirou, Dimitriou and Papaspyrou) where it was agreed to remove Touloupaki in order to stop the influence that “Rasputin” had on her.

In particular, Mr. Aggelis allegedly testified that “Mrs. Touloupaki’s behavior showed that there was a person whose orders she was following who was stronger than both the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court and me.” He allegedly presented documents to prove his claims, and in particular a document sent to him by Maria Papaspyrou stating that she is receiving threats from Mrs. Touloupaki to complete the investigation.

In addition to Novartis, he also referred to other cases for which he denounced “Rasputin” interventions, while he allegedly claimed that since 2013 there had been cases in the Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, which had not been initiated at all, while for others that entered the file, he is said to have said ” that if there is an investigation, some will rub their eyes.” In addition, Mr. Aggelis cited ten reasons which, according to him, prove the intervention of “Rasputin” in the Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, among which he also cited the complaints of the former head of the Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, Eleni Raikou, adding that Raikou’s and his complaints are on the same wavelength.

Finally, he confirmed before the Prosecutor Mr. Evangelos Zaharis all his reports to the Supreme Court so far and reiterated that there had been a prior decision by Mrs. Touloupakis to pursue, at the end of 2018, criminal prosecution without evidence against three politicians in the Novartis case.