Mrs Elias Antonia
Greek Judge

Elias Antonia Greek Judge requests political asylum in England fearing for her life in Greece.

Judge Antonia Elias fled to England and asked for Political Asylum fear of her life and for not having the possibility to receive fair trial in her home country.

He handled a large number of major corruption cases and was charged with a misdemeanor.

She herself has testified to the English authorities that everything against her was done because she refused to cooperate with business interests, she did not follow orders from her superiors and politicians to deliverer favorable decisions against the Law.

She left in 2005 after a very serious threat to her life regarding a case that resulted in a Circuit Court scandal.

Threats to the life of P. Judge – Investigator were intensified after an interview he had given a new interview in October 2014.

The former investigator is charged in Greece with felony misconduct, money laundering (i.e., money laundering), criminal network formation and fraud.



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