Novartis case.Corruption prosecutors in Greece are blaming each other for fabricated allegations, lawsuits and bribes.

Based on the information provided by the Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Ioannis Aggelis, in the pre-investigation Committee of the Greek Parliament that investigates the para justice mechanism of the former Minister of Justice in Greece, Dimitris Papangelopoulos, alias “Rasputin”, reinforces and confirms the revelations about the way the conspiracy was set up by the use of “hooded” witnesses fabricate prosecutions against the political opponents of the SYRIZA government lead by Alexis Tsipras were constructed.


First of all, they confirm that the institution of Justice and its officials in Greece are corrupt if not all of them most of them.

The bribery case that involves the pharmaceutical company Novartis in Greece is unprecedented, as in addition to the actual bribes of public hospital directors, politicians and government officials in Greece, on the occasion of the many bribery cases found by the SYRIZA government, data were used and fabricated by the SYRIZA government for to prosecute against their political opponents.

The Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Ioannis Aggelis, testified that the data directly substantiate the crime of abuse of power by the country’s Corruption Prosecutors, as they show, among other things, that the Corruption Prosecutor Eleni Touloupaki and her close associates operated “maliciously” , concealed information received from the US authorities and act illicit.

It is worth emphasizing that one of the key witnesses in the Novartis case, the 42-year-old publisher Panagiotis Mavrikos, was murdered under unprecedented conditions for Greece. Tactical explosives were used showing signs between the mafia and the deep state secret services, and this was because specialized military equipment was used with a remote-controlled explosive device after Panagiotis Mavrikos was first hypnotized and while driving his luxury car Porsche Cayenne on Attiki Odos in Athens in 2016, being charred to the extent that a DNA test was needed to confirm his identity.

The strange thing in this case is that in addition to the murder of Panagiotis Mavrikos, the mother and brother of Panagiotis Mavrikos lost their lives in October 2019 when their car fell into the sea under unclear circumstances in Neos Molos Drapetsonas and drowned both.

For this case of Novartis regarding the bribes of the country’s politicians and the accusations and bribes of prosecutors and judicial officials, the prosecutors of the Supreme Court in Greece are blaming each other for wrongdoings.