Improper and illegal practices of intimidation by the Greek Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office.

“Improper and illegal acts of intimidation” against the Greek protected witnesses for the Novartis scandal before the American Justice, he complains in a letter to the leadership of the Supreme Court and to the head of the Council of Europe against Corruption (GRECO), the American lawyer, Steve Conn, who has taken over their representation in the USA.


The complaint letter was triggered by a request submitted by the Supreme Court’s Deputy Attorneys for Evangelos Zacharis and Lambros Sofoulakis to the US Authorities to provide information related to the applicant witnesses before the US Court of Justice.

Apparently, this is not the first time prosecutors have acted on the orders of corrupt politicians involved in the Novartis corruption case with bribes to politicians in Greece, to learn the names of protected witnesses. It would not be either the first time that protected witnesses in very serious corruption cases in Greece have been murdered and others disappeared.

In his letter, the American lawyer points out that the initiative taken by the prosecutors of the Supreme Court clearly violates both American and international law regarding the protected witnesses.

The American lawyer, Steve Conn, who has taken over the representation of the Greek nationals witnesses in the USA, with a complaint letter called for an immediate end to all attempts to identify Greek nationals who have voluntarily provided information to the US authorities, and called for the immediate withdrawal of any requests to the US authorities for identification of these witnesses. “