Athens Appellate Prosecutor’s Office in Greece acquits criminals front-man (Panama Case) of the Prime Ministers of Greece.

Follow by a single phone-call from Maximou, the Athens Appellate Prosecutor’s Office acquits Greek citizen participating in undeclared offshore companies activities in Panama with millions of euros of unclear origin, despite the fact those associates of the country’s prime ministers, who acted as front-man in a number of crimes that harmed the Greek State.

Specifically, mrs. Touloupaki Eleni head Prosecutor of Corruption Crimes Unit of Greece (Note: Greece is a State member of the European Union) decided to file and dismiss the crime without investigating a case involving a number of undeclared offshore companies in Panama of notorious Papastavros Stavros, associate of former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and partner in trust of mrs. Maria Eva Virginia Grabowski-Mitsotaki, wife of Prime Minister of the Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

In fact, the protagonist of the corruption case with millions of euros of unspecified source Mr. Papastavros Stavros, mrs. Touloupaki Eleni head Prosecutor of Corruption Crimes Unit of Greece considered filing and dismiss the offshore companies case in Panama, front-man of the Prime Ministers of the country without even being deemed necessary to provide explanations.

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Papastavros Stavros despite the facts of crimes, remains under the protection of the Prime Minister’s Office in Maximou (a “shop that makes a lot of money”, as politicians in Greece call it), as he has proven to be the chosen in the role of secret manager of undeclared financial cases of millions of euros for the Prime Ministers of Greece in Panama, regardless of the “acquittal” with the well-known method of archiving the crime cases by corrupt Prosecutors in Greece, notably a member state of the European Union.