Panagiotis Athanassiou, former Financial Crimes Prosecutor, Siemens case.

Prosecutor Panagiotis Athanassiou was one of those responsible conducting the investigation on serious corruption cases, such as the Lagarde List, the Siemens bribery case, and many other cases involving bribes given to the political parties and government officials in Greece.

Prosecutor Panagiotis Athanassiou was ordered to investigate selectively the cases, some cases investigated after been extorted by his superiors and others by receiving bribes from various large scale businessmen for to favor results of the investigation. 

Those facts submitted to the pre-investigation committee of the Parliament by former Deputy Minister of Justice Dimitris Papagelopoulos “those who are responsible for they took money” stated, as well as by the prosecutor Panagiotis Athanassiou confirmed accordingly.


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The Greek citizens who were financially been hurt by all those illegalities, paid and continue to pay the country’s bailout, followed numerous austerity measures opposed, all these because the country’s politicians were and continue to be corrupt.

According to the evidence, while Siemens executives have testified that they were forced to pay bribes to the two large political parties in Greece for to get big projects, even though everything in the hands of the Prosecutors, such as the case of Panagiotis Athanassiou, the main perpetrators enjoy their freedom both in Germany and Greece.

Only insignificant persons were punished and none of the Presidents of the Greek political parties PASOK and NEW DEMOCRACY who have been bribed, no Prime Minister, no minister. Although many of them have been found to have hidden companies in Panama and other tax havens, and to own tens of millions of euros in assets without ever having worked for them one day.