Maria Margariti Appellate Judge in Greece

The former Judge Maria Margariti was one of the few of her kind in Greece with morals, respect and devotion to the Law.

The former Judge Mrs. Margariti was abused, terrorized and expelled because she refused to be bribed, to cooperate in the cover-up of crimes committed by Greek Government officials, Greek politicians and colleagues -judges.

The report of the BBC’s is made by the experienced BBC Athens correspondent Malcolm Brabant.

OBS: The Video has been removed from the BBC’s official website following the intervention of the Greek Government.

Later, the person responsible for the news disclosure and global exposure of the case of the abuse of Judge Maria Margaritis English journalist-correspondent of the BBC Malcolm Brabant, was poisoned with “skonaki” after a planned visit to the State Vaccination Center of Eastern Attica for his vaccination as was preparing for a journalistic mission to Ivory Coast to cover the civil war. As for many other countries in Africa, a yellow fever vaccine is required for a visa.

BBC Correspondent Malcolm Brabant is now safely residing in Denmark with his wife Trine Villemann and their Family.