Antonis Samaras name mentioned in documents from the FBI regarding the investigation of the corruption case with the pharmaceutical company Novartis, bribing government officials, managers of public hospitals, doctors and journalists-publishers of newspapers, etc., in Greece.

With testimony from witnesses taken by the FBI, in February 2018 the name of Antonis Samaras was included in the case file of the Novartis Corruption Case that reached the Ministry of Justice along with the names of nine other Greek politicians and former prime ministers.

The case concerned bribery with large sums of money delivered either to the Maximos Mansion, or to the Ministry of Health.

According to the testimony given by protected witness, Samaras allegedly had personal contacts while the Prime Minister of Greece with the then vice-president of Novartis, Konstantinos Frouzis, and received large sums of money to favor the pharmaceutical company in Greek public market.

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The former Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras denied the allegations and any involvement with Novartis regarding the bribing that took place in Greece.

Former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, referring to the prosecutors, judges and government officials involved in the Novartis case, said that these were members of a criminal network.