The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs falsifies official documents of the European Council.

Another falsified public document used by a Ministry of Greece was found. This time it is not the Ministry of Defense with Panos Kammenos as minister at the time, the main character of the case of corruption in the supply of war material to S. Arabia, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the said official document of the European Council-GRECO, which in the official language is clearly written the word Public, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece has written the word Confidential (Εμπιστευτικό) in the translation, replacing the word Public (Δημόσιο), falsifying the official document of the European Council-GRECO.

Although the text as a whole has not been thoroughly checked, the fact that the word “Confidential” on the first page of the GRECO Report of the Council of Europe has been added by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, in simple words this is a case of falsification of a public document.

This is the fourth evaluation cycle for Greece of the European Council-GRECO, it has to do with the prevention of corruption in relation to members of parliament, judges and prosecutors, and the specific documents constitute the second Compliance Report for Greece approved by the 85th its plenary session


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