Adonis Georgiadis Minister for Development and Investment in the Cabinet of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, f. Minister for Health in the Cabinet of Antonis Samaras (2013–2014). Vice-President of the political party New Democracy.

Adonis Georgiadis name mentioned in documents from the FBI regarding the investigation of the corruption case with the pharmaceutical company Novartis, bribing government officials, managers of public hospitals, doctors and journalists-publishers of newspapers, etc., in Greece.

Adonis Georgiadis as Minister of Health, he announced the full pharmaceutical coverage of 2,000,000 uninsured with an annual state expenditure of 340 million Euros.

It is worth mentioning that Minister Adonis Georgiadis and his brother, Leonidas, were convicted as publishers for insulting intellectual property.

A Greek Court of Justice ruled that two books by Mrs. Inna Tziropoulou-Efstathiou published by Adonis Georgiadis and his brother, publishing house, Hellenic Education Ltd., were copies of the ideas of third parties published without permission i.e. stolen intellectual property.

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