Another Greek politician of the doctrine of “What is legal is not necessarily ethical” Notis Mitarachi

Notis Mitarachi is the Greek Minister of Migration & Asylum and an MP in the constituency of Chios (New Democracy Party – EPP).

Another Greek politician of the doctrine of “What is legal is not necessarily ethical” Notis Mitarachi, the Minister of Immigration and Asylum in Greece, who in addition to selective memory and immoral behavior has a dark past in England where he is reportedly contacted unlawful acts on the concealment of income and unspecified money transactions.

Notis Mitarachi was reportedly in England that he and his wife were residents in their privately owned apartment on the second floor of the Grove Hall Court building, on Hall Road in St John’s Wood, where it is known to be a neighborhood for millionaires in the northwest London.

The apartment’s ownership was under the special Leasehold and the Greek minister forgot to declare it as required by law in the Tax Statement of assets and belongings submitted to the Parliament in Greece.

It was a leasehold-owned apartment under a temporary right of ownership and rights to use the property with a special form of deed by the owner who in the case of Notis Mitarachi is the legal entity in England DAEJAN (UK) LIMITED.



Under English law, leasing property is usually considered personal property because the tenant has real estate rights for a specific period of time, but has a lease contract instead of property deed.

Notis Mitarachi had bought the apartment on the second floor of the Grove Hall Court building in St John’s Wood, London with his wife Maria Dourida for an undisclosed amount to the Greek tax authorities because he never stated it.

The amount of the sale of the apartment remains the same undisclosed as the transaction was reported to have taken place through an Isle of Man offshore company named Balanta Limited.


The only parties that can reveal the price and the transactions and the way contacted are the ministerial couple Mitarachi and the Piraeus Bank in London that assist on the transactions and loans.

In any case, everyone has overlooked the key fact that exposing them, and that is the offshore company Isle of Man-based Balanta Limited did not have the money to buy the apartment, in particular paying the alleged £ 500,000 virtual price. The offshore company Balanta Limited is an inactive company with only £ 2,000 registered share capital at the time of buying Mitarachi apartment.


Whatever the ownership of the older department of Notis Mitarachi has been, many questions arise that in any other European country respecting the institutions and the law are inconceivable to remain unanswered, so the Greek minister has to answer not only in accordance to the law but in accordance to ethics for the following:

What was the amount received during the 2009-2010 London apartment sale?

Did he deal directly with the offshore Isle of Man Company Balanta Limited?

Is he aware who is behind the offshore company and whether Minister Mitarachi checked the source of the buyers’ money that he receive for to sale his apartment?

Greek Minister Mitarachi’ way of financing is outrageous to buy the apartment on the 7th floor of Grove Hall Court, St John’s Wood NW London with the amount of £ 990,000 in 2014 from the systemic Piraeus Bank London branch that is paid by Greek tax payers on behalf of bank owner’s Michalis Sallas, all at a time when not only no Greeks could get a loan from the systemic banks in Greece, but not even withdrawn their own money because Greek banks were under capital control.

Worthmentioning that the stated by the Greek minister Mitarachi purchase price of the apartment is £ 1,236,000 whilst similar apartments in the same building adjacent far exceeds the £ 2,000,000


Another odd thing in Minister Mitarachi’ case is that the financing of the apartment took place 3 years after the apartment was bought, i.e. on July 28, 2010 the Greek Minister Mitarachi acquired the new apartment on the 7th floor of Grove Hall Court, Hall Road, St John’s Wood NW London.

mitarakis house Grove Hall Court, Hall Road, St John's Wood N london_w

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How he got the loan three years later i.e. Bank Loan Agreement signed on July 30, 2013 and reported to the British authorities on August 27, 2013.

So how could the minister stay in an apartment without paying for it?

In accordance to the information the most likely scenario is that the Greek Minister to have paid for his apartment and he was looking for ways to justify it and “cover up” by concealing his undisclosed income, and so the date of the Loan Agreement is later than three years from the actual date of the purchase.

So the minister with the selective memory Notis Mitarachi, along with the virtual transactions, made the relevant “laundry” on the millions that he did not tell us how he find either, just like many other politicians in Greece.

In this problem that the minister had, how to get rid of them i.e. the undisclosed money, by justifying them he was served by Greek Banker Michael Sallas with his Bank in London, Piraeus London, reasonably by an exchange of favors.

All this happened at a time when the Greeks were paying and continue to pay for the damages cause of the theft of the country’s wealth from a large gang of well-known politicians, their associates.

Minister Notis Mitarachi apart from all of the above, today in Greece besides been the minister is also making the agent in the Greek market.

With barefaced cheek the Greek minister guarantees in the market of Greece in addition to providing excellent services to his clients by providing investment banks, legal advisers and specialist advisors while maintaining overall supervision of the project and its delivery responsibility, he gives even advices on SWAPS.

All this is done under the auspices of the Greek company “THE ALLIANCE net IKE” with tax number 800670347, which was set up on June 24, 2015 under the ownership of Minister Notis Mitarachi and his wife today.

ALLIANCE net ΙΚΕ με τα ονόματα του υπουργού Μηταράκη

But what is noteworthy about the company “THE ALLIANCE net IKE” is that initially the company was incorporated by the “front-man” of Notis Mitarachi the Greek minister associate’ who just recently appointed by the minister as the new chairman of the Single Supplementary Insurance Fund and one-time benefactor Mr. Evangelos-Apostolos Konstantinou.

This is the person whom the Minister has appointed to be the administrator of the new supplementary pension the “front-man” of his company “THE ALLIANCE net IKE”.

μηταρακης υπουργος εταιρεια ALLIANCE net ΙΚΕ με το όνομα του ΕυάγγελοΑπό...

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