Hellenic Espionage Network in Turkey.

The Greek Espionage Network in Turkey that had been established by the former agent of NIS Emmanouil Ath. Hatzisavvas was crowned with great success, as Turkey’s security had become a strainer.
One of these successes was the access to Turkey by sea, the transfer of material and persons with the facility of official Entry and Exit from Turkey without identities and with data from Greek Identity Cards which served the secrecy of the operations since they were supplemented even by the Greek spies themselves as each operations served.

SOS ανοικτα

All this until the Administration of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) under Giannis Roubatis decided and closed the network in Turkey, thus serving the interests of Turkey and their Arab allies.
Later, the former Commander of NIS Giannis Roubatis with the Arab Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan, head of the secret services in the United Arab Emirates, were found to manage a company with 25,000,000 euros in Greece with the front person-manager the wife of Giannis Roubatis .
NOTE: Captain Vasilis Georgiadis was found dead with his dog in the United Arab Emirates. Vasilis Georgiadis was the 10th witness in the case Noor 1 is found dead.