TETICO TR Espionage

The results of the multi-year espionage action in Turkey of the agent of NIS Emmanouil ATH. Hatzisavvas had a high degree of espionage penetration into the heart of Turkey’s war industry.

In fact, the infiltration was such that the commander of the NIS, Giannis Roubatis, fearing any reaction from the Turks and involvement in the NATO member committee, stopped the action of the agent who had come to hang out with the owners of Turkish submarine companies, acquiring very serious information about both the vessels and the development of their weapons systems between them and the Turkish ” AKYA” torpedoes long before 2015.

EYP commander Giannis Roubatis as another Pontius Pilate “washed his hands” result to deceive and betray NIS agent Emmanouil ATH. Hatzisavvas.

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