The f. minister Mr. Panos Kammenos is very rich, political activity is profitable in Greece.

The former defense minister of Greece and co-governor of the country with Prime Minister Mr. Alexis Tsipras, who is known to lead a «long-suffering and adventurous life» in Greece and Monaco, made his wealth public in accordance to law and regulations for “transparency” Judges and Prosecutors remain excluded from this transparent status.
It is certain from the evidence that he has not included everything he possesses, nevertheless the statement of Mr. Panos Kammenos for his wealth is dazzling.
From the content of the wealth declaration of the former defense minister of Greece, Mr. Panos Kammenos and his wife, it appears that they are owners of 2 motor Yachts, 3 cars, 58 properties and holders of 20 bank accounts in Greece alone.
The yachts, the real estate, their wealth in general of the late minister Mr. Panos Kammenos are not justified in any way, only the dolce vita can.

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