The ex-Commander of the National Intelligence Service – NIS, Mr. Giannis (Yiannis) Roubatis, frontman of business interests of Dubai and others.

The former Governor of NIS, Mr. Giannis (Yiannis) Roubatis, a former journalist involved in large and many scandals in the country, was chosen by unknown people to represent the interests of foreigners in Greece, and this clearly shows the network of companies that he found out of nowhere to manage.

In the companies that appear as a frontman for foreign, unknown interests, without anyone knowing whether they are friendly or not interests for our country, the former Governor of the NIS, Mr. Giannis (Yiannis) Roubatis, has included other actors – agents of the National Intelligence Service – NIS, such as Mrs. Paraskevi Efstathiou known for other dark activities in the secret service, National Intelligence Service – NIS.

It is surprising that Mr. Yannis Roubatis found the time and networked so well abroad with foreigners after such a large workload that he had shouldered with the position he held as the Commander of the National Intelligence Service in Greece, besides if at the time of responsibility at the National Intelligence Service – NIS, instead of defending the interests of the country, he had engaged in the services of an commercial agent under the auspices of the NIS for so many years exploiting state secrets, it is unknown how and if he made transactions with the information he knew.

What services did he sell to be chosen as the most suitable man of Dubai’s interests?

In the same companies, the former Governor of the NIS, Mr. Giannis (Yannis) Roubatis, has also put his wife, who presents herself as retired citizen despite being 59 years old, to participate in the companies of Arab interests with tens of millions of euros of capital and it is not only the investment company with the name DRUZY REAL ESTATE – REAL ESTATE EXPLOITATION SOLE INDIVIDUAL LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY which has a share capital of over 20m Euros.

Coincidentally, in Dubai, before the appearance as the front of the business interests of Dubai, the former Commander of the NIS, Mr. Giannis (Yannis) Roubatis, another important witness was found dead, in the case of the drug vessel Noor 1. The Greek businessman, Captain Vassilis Georgiadis, who lived in Dubai and was desperately trying, since 2018, to get in touch with the Greek judicial authorities, to provide information and evidence about this major case of corruption of state officials, which was connected to the case of Noor One.

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