41.000.000 Bribes to Greek Government Officials paid by Airbus Eurocopter helicopter unit to secure contract.

Airbus Helicopters, Airbus’ Eurocopter helicopter unit, allegedly paid EUR 41 million (approximately USD 45million) in bribes to Greek officials to secure the purchase of the 20 NH-90 helicopters.

Separately, Atlas Elektronik GmbH, a joint venture between Airbus and ThyssenKrupp, allegedly paid bribes inconnection with projects in Greece.

Approximate Alleged Payments to Foreign Officials: EUR 41 million

Business Advantage Allegedly Obtained: Contract to supply 20 NH-90 helicopters


απορρητο εγγραφο σχετ οικονομικό εισαγγελέα εφαγε τα αποδεικτικα

In Greece, as evidenced by the confidential internal document of the Athens Prosecutor’s Office, a letter addressed to the Prosecutor of Appeals in Athens regarding the bribery case of government officials in connection with the Contract for the supply of 20 helicopters type NH-90, it is emphasized that basic evidence and documents were missing from the file of the case.

Corruption in Greece has no bottom.