The grand theft of Greece

40% of Greece’s GDP is hidden in tax havens.

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In Offshore companies in Panama, Marshall Islands, Seychelles and elsewhere Greek politicians, theirs front-man and their associates, hide and find opportunities to laundry the black money they’ve stolen from Greece.

The financial size of this huge grant theft of the wealth of Greeks currently in the hands of offshore companies, is equal to 40% of Greece’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

A representative case is the Panama Papers, which covers about 50% of the disclosure information from a US source of Financial Crime Agency, which analyzes the situation by devising a plan as to how to prevent and suppress this phenomenon.

In Greece, the Prosecutors of Financial Crimes Unit are very cooperative with the country’s major robbers, since not only they know but consent with the unscrupulous protagonists of the Grand Theft of Greece.

“qui tacet consentire videtur”