Greek Mafia

Prime Minister of Greece Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the late Prime Minister Mr. Alexis Tsipras denounces you in the clearest way from the floor of the Greek Parliament that you are the leader of the Greek mafia, you do not answer, you hide.


All of you, always look elsewhere even though the Criminals are reported by their names for murders in Greece which happens to be a member of the European Union?

Spyros Ninos is an officer of the Greek Police with expertise in counter-terrorism, with action in the secret services of Greece (NIS), and he was the one in charge of the security of the Mitsotakis Family and the Prime Ministers of Greece for 15 years who testified in a radio and television interview, proceeding with revelations about the criminal activity of famous, political figures he knows by saying the following:

“Someone has to speak, Mareva (Prime Minister’s Wife), gave the order to kill you, don’t you know that?”

said Greek Police officer Spyros Ninos to journalist Stefanos Chios who has been the victim of an assassination attempt, remains unsolved to this day, like many other murders involving political issues-interests.


Dimitriadis offered me money to kill people”

Τhe Greek Police officer Spyros Ninos revealed in a complaint, who, after refusing, said that he also has at his disposal (USB) sticks with the controversial conversations of the Prime Minister’s nephew with underworld mobsters.

Worth mentioning, Grigoris Dimitriadis, in addition to being the nephew of the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, was the Secretary General of the Greek Government, at the same time he was the political leader, responsible for the country’s secret services (NIS), who resigned after the disclosure of the illegal surveillance of Greek politicians with the use of the Predator system together with Panagiotis Kontoleontas Commander of the country’s secret services.

In the same show with his testimony, the Greek Police officer Spyros Ninos, complaining, emphasized that “the Prime Minister’s wife pulls all the strings at all levels”, Mitsotakis cannot be unaware of all this”

Mareva Grabovski ordered the murder of Chios, Dimitriadis executed it with the mafia thugs. I left because I couldn’t serve murderers.”

After the above public complaints, a few days later the 38-year-old Dimitris Ninos, son of Greek Police officer Spyros Ninos, is murdered with a 9mm bullet shoot to the head.

Photo from Alpha television report that covered the murder of Dimitris Ninos, son of the Greek Police officer Spyros Ninos, who denounced the murders and the Prime Minister’s wife, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, together with Grigoris Dimitriadis, nephew of the Prime Minister, Secretary General of the Greek Government, political superior of the secret services of Greece.

Since then, unsuspecting Prosecutors act as if nothing is happening, proving once again the reality in Greece, de facto à la carte the law, the action and the role of the Supreme Court prosecutor in the Greek Mafia -Greece a member country of the European Union.

What is the law in Greece for?

A reasonable question that should be answered by Mr. Isidoros Dogiako, the Chief Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Greece? Who ex officio “criticizes” and makes accountable, if not the whole, at least half of the Criminal Code.

Human life in Greece. -Public depositions of murders and attempted murder.

Murders are reported, crimes that harm the highest good, which the Penal Code is called to protect, the constitutional order itself, the law and the chief prosecutor of the Supreme Court in Greece where unfortunately in the company of the current prosecutors as Pharisees – “Blind guides–those straining out the gnat and swallowing the camel” and this is how the Greek Mafia of politicians and businessmen in Greece acts unhindered, resulting in families mourning their murdered members.