Shadow personality of illegal wealth concealment actions by the Greek Tax Authorities and their “whitewashing” services.

Shadow personality of illegal wealth concealment actions by the Greek Tax Authorities and their “whitewashing” services.

Shadow personality of illegal wealth concealment actions by the Greek Tax Authorities and their “whitewashing” services.

You find the new Minister of State Stavros Papastavrou involved everywhere, where there is a phenomenon of corruption, from the Lagarde list, the Panama Papers and the Papadise Papers to Mareva Grabovski (Maria Eve Virginia Grabowski Mitsotakis), the wife of GR Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis with activities in tax havens in the Caribbean.

In 2015, High Wealth Taxpayer Control Center imposed a fine of 3,500,000.00 Euros on Stavros Papastavrou for the “undeclared” 5.4 million dollars found in his HSBC bank accounts.

Stavros Papastavrou pays the fine of 3,500,000.00 Euros in the same comfort way as a Greek Family Head would pay 1 liter of Milk for his children.

However, the Prosecutors in Greece acquitted him of any charge, even though the charges were different from the ones they should have tried against him. Prosecutors with their decisions they turn, prove to us the magnitude of corruption in Greece.

Later, Papastavrou was vindicated in the administrative courts as well and the penalty money 3,500,000.00 Euros was returned, all this, even though the documents of illegal activities, concealment of wealth from the Greek Tax Authorities and “whitewashing” services could fill suitcases.




The relationship with Mareva Grabovski – Mitsotakis.

Close associate of Mareva Grabovski (Maria Eve Virginia Grabowski Mitsotakis), at MG CAPITAL ADVISORS ANONYMOUS COMPANY PROVIDING CONSULTANT SERVICES, with distinctive title MG CAPITAL ADVISORS which they founded in 2007.

Among others, Mareva Grabovski and Stavros Papastavrou participated in the company’s Board of Directors. Papastavrou remained on the company’s board until August 2012. The company was renamed Zeus+Dione, as it remains to this day.

Following the revelations, in June 2020 Mareva Grabovski stepped down from the management of the company.

Stavros Papastavrou can also be found as a lawyer for the Voyager 360 Ltd fund which managed Grabovski’s Offshore company, Eternia Capital Management which was in the Paradise Papers international corruption scandal.

Stavros Papastavrou participated from 2005 to 2014 in the Board of Directors. of the Panamanian companies, Green Shamrock Foundation and Diman Foundation, while from 2006 he became vice president of the Aisios foundation which still exists today. (βαζεις τον συνδεσμο στο θεμα που εχουμε)

Konstantinos Lanaras and Spyros Metaxas also participated in the Aisios Foundation. Spyros Metaxas was the lawyer who had been accused of money laundering from the illegal activity of the former General Secretary of Armaments of Greece, Antonis Kanda.

A noteworthy fact is that the Goldman Sachs Banker Emmanuel Gavaudan  participates in the same offshore company in Panama AISIOS FOUNDATION together with Stavros Papastavrou.

At the same time Stavros Papastavrou, he was also the diplomatic advisor of Antonis Samaras, he was actively involved in what was happening in Maximos at that time and especially in the discussions with the Troika. It was considered that he knew as few as the” hottest” points of the negotiations, while he also had a complete picture of the prerequisites. Swaps with Goldman Sachs gave and took uncontrollably, in the end all this money called in the Greek taxpayers to pay the bill.

Papastavrou initially declared a loss of memory… and to questions from journalists who did the research he answered that he did not remember the companies. Later, however, and after the documents saw the light of day, Stavros Papastavrou’ memory was “corrected” as a result of which he claimed that he made them for “the account of two-family friends”, without reaping financial benefits.

In a company in Panama, one also finds the Family members of the Greek Minister of State Stavros Papastavrou.

Brigita Papastavrou-Levi, Panagiotis Papastavrou and Xenia Papastavrou

Panama Οικ μπριγκιτα παπασταυρου (2)_w

Panama 2007 μπριγκιτα παπασταυρου (1)_w

Stavros Papastavrou forgot to tell the Greeks that he was raised with money from Panama, stolen, just like the late Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos.

Stavros Papastavrou graduated from the College of Athens, studied law in Athens and did a master’s degree at Harvard, all this was paid for with money from Panama, stolen and well hidden in Panama money from Greek Taxpayers – Greek State, from his Family.

Brigitta Papastavrou-Levi also happens to be a close friend of the other Minister of “excellence” Adonis Georgiadis.

All of the above to the knowledge of the National Intelligence Service of Greece (NIS) and the country’s Prosecution Authorities.