SUNBEAM MARITIME, S.A. This is the offshore company in Panama of the Greek f. Minister of Finance Stefanos Manos along with Michalis Matantos responsible for distributing the € 60,000,000 used for bribing the decision makers of the Greek Government at time in connection with the submarine scandal in Greece.

Στον ΠΑΝΑΜΑ με εταιρεία Offshore o Στέφανος Μάνος μαζί με τον Μιχάλη Ματαντό

Michael Matantos partner with f. Minister of Finance Stephanos Manos, managing the offshore company in Panama SUNBEAM MARITIME, S.A. allegedly is the “key man” in distributing the illegal € 60m bribes payments made to Greek prominent political figures for the supply of submarines.

In the same case among many others is Sotirios Emmanouil, who allegedly took a bribe of at least 17.2m euros for the sale of shipyards to the German HDW and for the construction of submarines in Skaramaga shipyard in Greece.

None Prosecutor in Greece show interest for the criminal case despite the fact duly informed

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